• NTN Freeride
    The NTN Freeride is a binding for telemark and freeride skiing.

    It gives the skier unparalleled edge control and a variety of user benefits. It offers the simplicity and security of an alpine binding without compromizing the benefits of a loose heel.


  • NTN Powered by you
    The joy of skiing is individual and can only be experienced by the skier.

    Regardless of age, level and other conditions, the joy of skiing will be enhanced when the collaboration between the equipment and the skier is optimal. Our bindings are developed with the person standing on the top of the skis in mind.


  • Maximum stability
    NTN Freeride can deal with variable snow conditions and takes full advantage of the ski’s potential.


  • Maximum contact
    NTN Freeride ensures optimal contact between boot, binding and ski. The flex-plate on the NTN-binding is in contact with the boot through the whole turn.


  • Maximum balance
    The binding ensures good balance through turns and gives increased speed and control.


  • NTN technology by us
    NTN is a unique system that features an outstanding boot/binding interface.

    NTN Freeride gives increased lateral stability, enhanced edge control and adjustable forward flex. In adition, the NTN-binding has a sideways release system and ski brake.

    The NTN-users experience an increased precision between the boot and the surface, because of the optimal power transmission.

    • Edge control
    • Lateral stability
    • Adjustable forward flex


  • NTN Second Heel
    The NTN system use a second heel to fix the boots into the binding, the patented system with this hook gives you maximum sideways stability and edge control.


  • NTN Power Tubes
    The NTN binding with its unique fixing to the boot is giving a completely different transfer of power compared to traditional 75 mm telemark bindings.

    For this reason there is no need for very strong springs. NTN will function in an optimal way with the Power Tubes adjusted according to instructions.

    Depending on the skier's weight, boot size and ability, he or she can choose from four different Power Tubes (springs) to better reflect their style and/or preference.