Xcelerator Roller ski skate

The Rottefella Xelerator Roller ski is specially designed for roller skis. It is built to withstand the large amount of strain that roller ski bindings sustain, while also giving you all the qualities and advantages of the Rottefella Xelerator.

Rottefella Xelerator Skate Roller ski can handle all surfaces and provides the same feeling and power as the Rottefella Xelerator Skate for winter use. Xcelerator Skate Roller ski are created to maximize the users skate performance. 

The Rottefella Xelerator Skate Roller ski has been fitted with reflective material to increase your visibility in traffic. 

The Nasjonal Traffic Safety organization has approved Xcelerator Skate Roller ski.
Read Trygg Trafikks safety rules here
Read the norwegian reviews on Langrenn.com here, sorry, it's in Norwegian!

Product specifications

Weight: 178 g
Width: 56,7 mm
Safety: securiy lock in front
Opening angel: 40°
Size: One fits all (35-52)
Material: Impact modified