Xcelerator Pro Classic

Move you binding forwards for better grip or towards the back for better glide! 

New!  Increase your performance with Xcelerator Pro Classic. The Xcelerator Pro Classic, a binding specially designed for classic cross-country skiing, based on the winning technology of the Xcelerator system. And used by athletes and race enthusiasts. Use the Rottefella QuickLock™ to choose between grip or glide. Moving the binding utilizes the wax zone of the skis better without having to stop and wax along the way. 

The Xcelerator Pro Classic binding gives you the optimal transmission of power from man to ski, and provides great balance and control in every stride. And a perfekt match for skinskiis!
Reccomended by skiforeningen (the norwegian ski council.)  

The Ideal Position between boot and binding enables maximum power transmission in every kick. More rigidity in the material allows for a quicker response and better balance for classic skiier.

ISPO award 2016

Very proud to announce that Xcelerator Pro Classic was chosen Gold Winner at ISPO award for 2016!!  The jury’s statement: "The Rottefella binding deserves the title GOLD WINNER because it's so versatile. Thanks to the binding's adjustment, you either get better grip in rough, undulating terrain, or you glide easier when it's flat.“ 

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!