Xcelerator Skate insole

Optimize skiing performance with Rottefella Xcelerator Insoles. The insoles optimizes power transmision from skier to snow. With low heel position for better balance and unique side support preventing fatigue.

The Xcelerator Skate Insole is designed to help you ski faster. Features are tailored to cross-country skate skiing and are rooted in the Rottefella philosophy that a neutral foot position gives better balance by placing the hips forward, enabling maximum utilisation of core muscle power. The unique anti-bacterial Aureright™ closed-cell breathable foam efficiently transports moisture away from the skin, while the ergonomically designed fulllength power plate provides the necessary stability and power transmission.
The Xcelerator Skate Insole is trusted by top athletes for maximum power transmission in every kick – with it, you can top your previous best!

Product specifications

Shoe size: One fits all 36-47
Fits all cross country skiboots